Dinghy Presentation - Dinghy Presentation 2016

SSCBC Dinghy Presentation Sunday 12 June 20163 - 5.30pm in the Dining RoomClick here for online bookings. more...

Notice to Competitors

Winter Series - Couta Boats

Change to the Round Sailing Instructions, schedule of races and target times. - Winter Series. As we have lost two races in the series due to weather, two races per day will be run on the 29 May and 5 June. To accommodate this, the target times will be reduced and the first race will be finished b…. more...

Don't hook a shortened finish line

Couta Conversations

When a race is shortened at a rounding mark, the finish line is changed to the staff the S Flag is displayed on and the nearby mark. To meet the definition of finish, a boat must c…. more...

Couta Boats damaged in wild weather.

Couta Conversations

Fortunately, none have broken off moorings but the wild weather from the North and North West is wreaking obvious and hidden damage to Couta Boats. When a southerly buster comes through in summer, our Couta Boats are generally protected in the lee of the peninsula from…. more...

ZHIK Midwinters NOR and Entry.

Dinghy Zhik Mid Winters

Midwinters NOR has been published. Free entry for SSCBC members and Visitors are only $20 per boat. Please enter on line and don't forget to invite your friends down for this really fun regatta.Click here for all regatta details and to enter now. more...

Upcoming Events

Winter Series CB Race Day 4
5th June 2016 09:00
Zhik Mid Winters
11th June 2016 11:00
Winter Series CB Race Day 5
11th June 2016 11:00
Zhik Mid Winters
12th June 2016 09:00

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